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Spray foam insulation makes financial sense on any budget

So you’re thinking about building a new home, or insulating your metal building, or remodeling your office complex.  Of course your building budget is critical; no one has an infinite amount of funding available… in any construction scenario.

As you approach insulation contractors and suppliers for quotes and proposals, you decide to give spray foam a chance because you’ve heard all the buzz how well it works–Your friends that just moved into their new home rant about how low the utility bills were last month because they used foam; the hotel being built downtown used foam and you thought that was pretty telling.  Yet when you compare the price of fiberglass/cellulose loose fill insulation to the price of open cell spray foam, you’re taken aback at the difference in cost.  Why is spray foam so much more expensive?

Let me answer that question with a similar question: Would anyone in their right mind expect to pay the same amount of money for a Lamborghini that they would pay for a Hyundai?  The answer here will never be ‘yes’.  Why is that?  Because the quality and performance of a $15,ooo vehicle will NEVER compare to the quality and performance of a $200,000 vehicle.  Loose fill insulation is a Hyundai to spray foam’s Lambo–sure, both work… but the performance of spray foam is above and beyond loose fill insulations.

You may retort–’yes, but not everyone can afford a Lambo.’  To which I completely agree!  But a Lambo doesn’t save you money and pay for itself in less than 4 years like foam does.

To explain:  Spray foam stops every method of heat/cool transfer (being conduction, convection, radiation, air infiltration & intrusion, and moisture accumulation)/loose fill insulation stops one.  Loose fill insulation does a good job of stopping conduction, which is measured in R-value.  It has the same R-value per inch that open cell foam has.  But it is allowing air to continually pass through the walls of a home or office, creating convective loops and drafts that you aren’t even aware of.  And they’re sucking dollar bills right out of your pocket every month.  40% more dollars than you’d be spending every month had you made the initial investment in spray foam.

That’s right–foam will save you 40% on your monthly heating/cooling bills.  So let’s build two houses side by side–identical but for the fact that we spray open cell foam in one and we conventionally batt the other.  Let’s say (for ease of math) that the utility bills in the batted home are $200/month.  The bills in the spray foam home will be 40% less per month, or $80/month.  Over the course of a year, that’s a savings of almost a thousand dollars!  And you’ll save that money for the rest of the months and years you live in that home.  There are even warranty programs available that will advice you what you can expect your monthly bills to be, and guarantee those savings.

…Ask your loose fill insulation contractor to match that…

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